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The Ultimate Rose Gold Gift Guide

I have discovered I am somewhat of a raven... attracted to all things shiny (well almost all). My ultimate favorite color is blush-peach-grayish-pink, o.k not a real color but very pretty. Incorporating it in its form of rose gold in my designs was really exciting!

So much so it made me look for other rose-gold-blush-peach-pink items.

The result is the following round-up of items that would make a perfect gift for the rose gold (other wise known as metallic blush-peach-grayish-pink) lover - so... LET IT SHINE!

- 1 - Glass Jewelry box by Waen - Gorgeous square clear glass jewelry box with an attached lid to showcase all your favorite items. 

- 2 - Cell phone case by Vivilovely - Beautiful and super practical this case has a front compartment for bushiness cards or headphones. 

- 3 - Blush Tunic and pleated skirt set by Prototype 23 - Designers Toni and Stassy created this very interesting set in blush pink and black. Interesting and modern design with lots of great details. 

- 4 - Circle pendant by Simplicated Jewelry - Great twist on the popular circle pendant design. This handmade necklace has a section of twisted rose gold incorporated in the round silver pendant. 

- 5 - Geometric concrete planter by Emsay Studio  - Delightful and stylish skull planter! Geometric skull that may be used to hold pens or small succulents that is so much fun. 

- 6 - Bar Earrings by Simplicated Jewelry - Rose gold bar earrings with a brushed sterling silver accent. Beautiful and comfortable - excellent go-to stud earrings. Handmade and may be customized for you! 

- 7 - Rose gold ink set by Laura Hooper Calligraphy - Perfect gift for any artistic, makes-their-own-cards person. This ink set includes two pen nibs and a Gouache tube with instructions on creating the ink. Makes me want to take up calligraphy! 

- 8 - 'Love Never Fails' print by L'atelier d'Or - Perfect wording and beautifully designed this print is made with actual rose gold foil that shines! 

- 9 - 'Yay' pin by Old English Co. - This is such a fun gift! Not only does this word always put a smile on my face but its so cute! With white enamel and shiny rose gold plating, this pin has many fun friends to cheer up any t-shirt, jeans jacket or backpack.

- 10 - Chic USB by Hanging Branch - Housing all that important info in style! This is a crystal glass USB with a metallic rose gold finish, comes in a cream colored linen box. Customize it by engraving a personal message or name to make sure it always finds its owner. 

- 11 - Minimalist climber earrings by Simplicated Jewelry - Delicate and thin but never go unnoticed these earrings are made with oxidized silver and rose gold. Full of little details that make them beautiful and unique!

- 12 - Custom engraved pet tag by Ara Designs - Aranh creates imaginative ID tags for your best friend or their best friend at her Lux Pet Tags shop, Beautiful, funny and super cute as well as important.

- 13 - Monogrammed makeup bag by ThreeTwo1 - Perfect for your bridesmaids or bride to be friends. Made in cotton canvas with a blush pink satin lining and metallic rose gold print finished with a rose gold zipper - super chic!

- 14 - Boho shawl by Unalala - This amazing shawl by designer Shiri Varona is actually silver on blush pink! With such a great size it is very versatile and can be worn as a wrap or shawl on chilly evenings and cool summer days or as a scarf on colder days. 

- 15 - Concrete and copper flakes by Peony London - Minimalist, geometric and very beautiful this dish is decorated with metallic copper flakes to keep your everyday jewelry in one place. 

Looking for more shiny rose gold items? Check out my shop HERE to discover minimalist and geometric inspired jewelry. 

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