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Simple + Complicated = Simplicated

What is simplicated actually?

Well it isn't a "real" word but used enough to earn a spot in the urban dictionary... 

Its meaning is something that is both simple and complicated all at the same time. 

How is this relevant? 

Simple! I have come to realize I am a simplicated person in nature - this realization was a long time coming but gave me real piece of mind once I got to it... 

Almost every project I start begins with a simple notion of creating something. It may be a costume for the kids (two beautiful and very opinionated girls),

a cake (yummy!)

or best of all a new jewelry collection. 

At the beginning its just... I want this to be... 

and then it all gets very complicated with... how about and what ifs.... 

I feel that I have done it again- and from fear of babbling for too long I'll just say this and be done with it.

My work evolves. The design itself - constantly evolving in all directions. 

Taking away complex design to create clean lines and adding them again to add intriguing details. 


The simple answer - I can't help it. 

The longer answer - Isn't it great when you fall in love with an item? really love it? because it reminds you of something or compels you in some way? The reason being for that are the details. All those little details are what turns something good into fantastic. 

So... have a look, a good look. Did you find them? 


Oval reversible hoop earrings in solid rose gold and sterling silver.
Inside Out Collection - Hoop Earrings.

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