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sizing guide


Let me help you find your size. First decide if you have a preferred location, for instance a specific finger, long or short necklace or high or low arm. 

Ring Sizing


Please note your ring size will probably differ for a wide or narrow ring. Your ring size also changes throughout the day and with change in temperature. The most precise way to find your ring size is to have a jeweler do it, however this guide will allow you to do this at home. 


Please print the picture guide and follow the instructions to determine your ring size. If in doubt choose a bigger size. 


If you receive a ring that is not suitable for you please contact me.





Necklace Sizing 


Necklace length is averaged according to the design, if you would like a customized length please let me know. 


You can check out the image to learn more about necklace length. 

Bracelet Sizing 


Bracelet size is usually defined by small, medium and large.  


You can check out the image to learn more about bracelet size. 

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