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Product care


General care: 


Remove jewelry prior to showering, before bathing in the sea or a swimming pool and before going to bed. If your jewelry gets wet, gently pat it dry. Prevent jewelry from coming in contact with perfume, body lotion, cleaning or beauty products that can damage the color. 


Plated items: 


Please follow the above mentioned care instructions. Plating may erode over time and will reveal the silver below. If damaged or eroded, you are welcome to send us your jewelry for re-plating at cost price.


Silver items: 


Please follow the above mentioned care instructions.


Black oxidization color of sterling silver will wear over time, revealing the natural silver beneath and creating a beautiful unique finish. Oxidation can be easily renewed using several methods at home or your local jewelry store (for more info on how please contact us and we will find the easiest solution for you).  
You may also send it back to for re-oxidization if you prefer. 


Sterling silver may tarnish over time, jewelry may be cleaned with Silver Cleaner Solution and cloth, please follow manufacturer's instructions. 


Gold items: 


Please follow the above mentioned care instructions. Gold items may tarnish or lose their luster from soap buildup and dirt. Clean each gold piece separately in a small bowl with warm water and a small amount of dishwasher detergent, wipe with a soft cloth and repeat if necessary. 


gemstones, zirconia and other materials: 


Gemstones and pearls may be easily damaged by chemicals, please follow the above care instructions. 

Be sure to avoid hard blows and dropping your jewelry on the floor, as pearls and some gemstones are very delicate. 

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